Cone Fenders

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Cone Fenders

TLT-AB Cone Fender        
Features of Cone Fenders
Cone rubber fender is the 3rd generation of cell rubber fender, the structure more reasonable, deflection can reach 70%,the equal specification fender energy absorb raise one more times, long life using. It can reduce the cost of the dock project.
While vessel angular berthing, the performance basically unchanged.
Front panel set in the margin of fender, it can reduce the surface pressure of the vessel side board, the surface pressure can be controlled below 200KN/㎡. It’s fitting for berthing large vessel.
UHMW-PE Pads installed in front of panel, they can reduce the friction factor between vessel and fender, and reduce the shear strength while vessel berthing, and raise the fender working life.
Cone fenders suitable for variety of installation and easily be installed.
Dimension of Cone Fenders

Fender Size
HΦ1Φ2Φ3Φ4nMmhApprox Weight
TLT-AB 600H6005103908109006M243027232
TLT-AB 700H70059545594510506M303832395
TLT-AB 800H800680520108012006M364436540
TLT-AB 900H900765585121513506M364441760
TLT-AB 1000H1000850650135015006M4256451015
TLT-AB 1100H1100935715148516506
TLT-AB 1150H1150998750155017256M4256521600
TLT-AB 1200H12001020780162018008M4250541960
TLT-AB 1300H13001105845175519508M4860592400
TLT-AB 1400H14001190930189021008M4860663060
TLT-AB 1600H160013601060216024008M4870724600
TLT-AB 1800H1800153011902430270010M5676786600

Performance of Cone Fenders

Fender Size
Rated Compression Deflection 70%Max. Compression Deflection 72.5%
TLT-AB 5003357926863200471653738090311702325019341
TLT-AB 600480157382127283942257554216142912931910425885
TLT-AB 700652235522181384150308120691243568192426154341124
TLT-AB 800862368706294502224402179930380833316576252428208
TLT-AB 90010784948623996353065082551189517957431703334558270
TLT-AB 10001339669107854178443762835015077351213588882478698380
TLT-AB 110014308301146650927495800408157086512596811019527833432
TLT-AB 115017641029139288210386668305321985110315939381152717919588
TLT-AB 120018461093149695211067058905602045114916659981227739985587
TLT-AB 130021251585170513101320104311257502312164019001360153710771200800
TLT-AB 140022551686180413491443107911508602506175620051405160411241278896
TLT-AB 1600302424192268193518141548141812343150252025202016201616131575
TLT-AB 18003750353830002830240122641912180441663686333329482667235921251880

[Units: mm; R(KN); E(KN-M)]
Note: 1. Special performance can be negotiated by buyer and supplier.
2. R: reaction Force (KN), E: Energy Absorption (KN-M)      
3. RE: Super High Reaction Forcers; RS: Super High Reaction Force; RH: High reaction force; RO: Standard Reaction Force; RL: Low Reaction Force.       
4. Performance tolerance:±10%
Cone Fenders performance curve

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