Bollard defects appear in the casting works

Bollard according to berth capacity, wharf structure type design selection, to meet the ship away from the dock, mooring, shifting berth and turn around, etc. safe and reliable operation and ease of use requirements. Bollard from the shell, bolt, nut, washer, anchor plates and columns heart filler. Bollard of cast iron (HT200) and cast (ZG230-450), Specifications Model: 50KN-2000KN.Bollard in the casting process tend to be some flaws, Lee summed up in the casting department for many years casting experience summed up a series of bollards bollard defects:

1. bollard porosity defects: Department holes such defects within bollard casting gas formation. Its surface is generally relatively smooth, mainly pear-shaped, round and oval. Generally no longer bollard casting surface is exposed, the presence of large Kongchang Gu Li, Kong Zecheng small group appears.

 2. bollard casting pinhole defect: dispersion and the merger shrinkage and shrinkage holes class casting defects. Generally distributed on needle size bollard casting sectional precipitation of pores. Aluminum bollard casting such pores often appear on the bollard casting great harm. Groups distributed bollard casting dispersion of surface pores. Wherein the skin pores and causes the same, usually after exposure bollard casting surface, you can remove 1-2mm machining.


(Source: Bollard defects appear in the casting works)

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