Causes damage to rubber fenders

The main reason leading to cracking of rubber fenders ship fender collision kinetic energy much more than the rubber fenders can bear the load. Impact energy caused by the ship is too big reason is by boat speed and berthing angle is too large. Especially large angle by boat, bow first contact with marina and rubber fenders on the central hull, causing a strong impact energy to focus on one or a few fender, causing damage rubber fenders.

Rubber fenders loose, off-site, off into the sea and other non-normal. The main reason for this phenomenon is the anchor bolts or chains fender technology is not good, or did not keep up maintenance due. Fixed fenders anchor bolts, chains and other metal materials corrosion in the marine environment fast, and easy to replace, resulting in poor rubber fenders fixed, which would seriously affect the normal use fenders.

Fender mainly off angle, cracking, surface scratches and other damage phenomena. The main reason of this damage is too much friction between the rubber fenders of the ship. When the ship with a large tangential velocity dock, rubber fenders in contact with the hull in part by excessive friction and forced the ship to move forward together, causing fender was damaged shear.


(Source: Causes damage to rubber fenders)

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