How to distinguish natural rubber and synthetic latex

There are currently on the market a lot of sales of latex products business, and on the interpretation of latex products saying some confusion, there is no standard to follow, according to the information know, some synthetic foam, also known as latex foam pillow pillow.

Below, Rubber Equipment Co., Ltd. Yangzhou magical brief look at methods to identify natural rubber and synthetic latex.

We take a look together with natural rubber and synthetic latex are those different?

   Look: natural latex sleep has thousands of cellular pores, than other fibers hold more air. These holes may be expelled from the body heat and moisture discharged, natural ventilation can provide the best natural air conditioning system, so that the air inside to keep bedding fresh and healthy.

   Wen: natural latex mastic will delicately flavor, the taste is the smell of latex itself is non-toxic, is none other synthetic latex has the characteristics.

   Touch: feel comfortable, like a baby's skin as tender and comfortable; latex bedding in use for some time and air oxidation, the color gradually turn yellow, which is a normal phenomenon.

   Pressure: latex bedding hand pressed down will quickly rebound, there is good support of ordinary sponge is softer, poor flexibility.


(Source: How to distinguish natural rubber and synthetic latex)

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