Rubber deformation causes of aging

1, oxygen: oxygen in the rubber occurs with rubber molecules radical chain reaction, molecular chain breakage or excessive crosslinking occurs, cause a change of rubber properties. Oxidation is one of the important reasons for rubber aging.

2, ozone: ozone chemical activity is much higher than that of oxygen, more destructive, it also makes the molecular chain is broken, but the effects of ozone on the case of rubber with rubber deformation is different or not. As for the deformation of the rubber (mostly unsaturated rubber) occurs when the stress crack straight direction, i.e., so-called "ozone cracking"; the role of the deformation of the rubber, only the oxide film formed on the surface without cracks.

3, the heat: raise the temperature can cause thermal cracking of rubber or thermally crosslinked. However, the fundamental role of heat or activation. Improve oxygen diffusion rate and activation oxidation reaction, thereby accelerating the oxidation reaction rate of rubber, which is a common phenomenon of aging - thermal aging.

4, light: light is shorter, the greater the energy. Of rubber from the damaging effects of a high-energy ultraviolet light. In addition to direct ultraviolet rays cause breakage and crosslinked rubber molecular chain, the rubber due to absorption of light energy to produce free radicals initiate and accelerate the oxidation chain reaction process. After heated outside light plays a role. Another characteristic of the role of its director light (and heat effect different) is that it is mainly in the rubber surface into the students. Gum containing sample rate, and both sides will be net cracks, so-called "light outer crack."

5, mechanical stress: mechanical stress under repeated action, will generate free rubber molecular chain Tsuen, triggering oxidation chain reaction to form a force of chemical processes. Machinery and mechanical activation of molecular chain breaking oxidation process. How could a dominant, depending on which conditions. In addition, under stress easily lead to ozone cracking.


(Source: Rubber deformation causes of aging)

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