Rubber fenders for berthing role

Built and put into operation the world's energy port of Qinhuangdao Coal Terminal, the rubber fenders is good or bad has restricted the use of production berths, distress jetty and mooring the ship pilotage home security, affecting the production vessel scheduling timing. Causes damage to rubber fenders, is not accidental incidents and operations management issues, but has a deep theoretical roots, it should first solve the fender design selection, the best material manufacturing up study countermeasures. The Port Authority had on this problem, the topic will be held several times, the author intends to design and manufacture rubber fenders and use of the connotation and denotation for deep discussion, are provided for new construction drawing, to further improve the quality and selection of Qinhuangdao Port fenders of making sense.

In order to reduce the impact force of the ship berthing mooring pier to prevent a direct collision with a pier damage accident the ship and pier, quay required to set up anti-red device. Our ports in 1970 gradually the use of rubber fenders + currently used in the world can be divided into compression type rubber fenders, inflatable type, shear type, rotary type and pressure of five categories, of which the first two types of adoption the most widely used. China is now Hong Kong the most use of rubber fenders for the domestic compact fenders, which has a cylindrical type, D-type, V-type, drum type, floating and foam rubber formula.


(Source: Rubber fenders for berthing role)

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