The actual effect bollard in the industry

Bollard is mounted on the upper main wharf for ships mooring facilities. Bollard material can generally be divided into sub-cast iron and steel.

Docked bollard is mainly used for ship safety is a top priority so strong, how can we ensure its practical performance? The only way it can only begin production from its strict requirements of its hardness, tensile degree, to its hardness and tensile degree of control that the casting material. By zoning bollard, bollard ordinary storm bollards, bollards and other test.

Loose, off-site, off into the sea and other non-normal. The main reason for this phenomenon is the anchor bolts or chains fender technology is not good, or did not keep up maintenance due. Fixed fenders anchor bolts, chains and other metal materials corrosion in the marine environment fast, and easy to replace, resulting rubber fenders fixed bad, and then it will seriously affect the normal use of fenders.

Intelligent instrument control system IPC, various communication modules, security devices, and on-site measuring instruments mostly use integrated combination of electronic devices, low prevalence of these micro-electrical device dielectric strength, low surge withstand capability Achilles heel in lightning thunderstorm season were often violated, resulting in several instruments ranging from computer input and output modules section Jihuai, while causing the entire apparatus of control system failures, forced downtime, resulting in huge losses.


(Source: The actual effect bollard in the industry)

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