The main function of the bollard

Bollard: Captain of less than 100 m, 20 m spacing bollard; captain of 100 to 150 meters, 25 meters spacing bollard; master of more than 150 meters, bollard spacing of 30 m. Bollard center distance to quay line should be 50 to 120 cm. Its main dimensions should meet the basic standard dock ancillary facilities.

Bollard is installed in the upper part of the structure of the pier for the ship mooring facilities. Bollard generally composed of a metal material, due to the columnar shape, hence the name.

Bollard according to berth capacity, wharf structure type design selection, to meet the ship away from the dock, mooring, shifting berth and turn around, etc. safe and reliable operation and ease of use requirements. Bollard from the shell, bolt, nut, washer, anchor plates and columns heart filler.


(Source: The main function of the bollard)

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