When pier construction safety issues which need attention

1, pier construction work, the plant is responsible for planning and construction organization, on-site construction management and site security management.

2, the plant is responsible for property management and construction coordination of safety supervision and inspection of the construction site

3, wharf construction work zone should be set up cordon cordon shall not exceed the scope of the construction work.

4, electrical equipment from the hazards of construction work used more than 10 meters, and each should be carefully checked before use, to ensure safety.

5, property management in the work process, the timing of the inspection equipment and facilities. Factory Giambi, fire brigade, can count for the transport sector should regularly conduct on-site supervision and inspection to ensure the safety of construction operations.

6, the construction area is strictly prohibited the use of fire, strictly fireworks scene management.

7. Construction site safety facilities (fixed foam fire extinguishing systems, on-site fire extinguishers, etc.) should be checked regularly to ensure integrity.


(Source: When pier construction safety issues which need attention)

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