If Effectively Avoid Damage To Rubber Fenders

Rubber fenders in the course will inevitably cause some damage, mainly due to damage caused by the fender in the design, construction, use and management of these three aspects. Just do the work in these three areas, you can effectively prevent or reduce damage to the fender.

1, in the design, should pay attention to the selection, arrangement and fixed aspects. You should use the advanced performance, reasonable structure, fender type easy to use, according to the structure type dock, ship design and natural conditions, a reasonable arrangement fender position and spacing, to avoid stumbling block vessels and other fixed fenders fenders The equipment to be reliable, while ease of maintenance and replacement fenders to prevent damage due to poor fixed.

2, in the construction, should be in strict accordance with design requirements and professional standards relating to work, whether it is the production of fenders or installation shall meet the design requirements, to ensure construction quality.

3, in the use and management should focus on two aspects. First, the strict use of berth management, as far as possible according to the design requirements for berthing ship and the tonnage for tonnage and size and design of the ship have greater access to the case of a boating marina, should strictly control its speed and berthing berthing point of view and try to to prevent too big marina berthing case of small vessels, in order to avoid damage to the boat fenders; the second is to strengthen the fender of maintenance work on the existing signs of damage to the fenders to provide timely repairs to avoid further damage.


(Source: If effectively avoid damage to rubber fenders)

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