Rubber Fenders Make A More Secure And Stable Ship Docked

Ships in the dock or mooring process easier and pier or other vessels have a greater impact, in order to eliminate or reduce such impact, to avoid damage to the ship or pier, most people would choose around the ship or the dock edge Mount marine fenders. Now marine fenders main materials are wood and rubber, relatively speaking, much better buffering capacity than rubber fenders made of wood marine fenders, so now more and more use of marine fenders rubber fenders. Now more common types of marine fenders are cylindrical rubber fenders, semi-circular (D type) Rubber Fender, DO type rubber fender, DA-type rubber fenders, drum-type rubber fenders and the like. Cylindrical rubber fenders are now being used more in the old pier, which is relatively small reaction force fenders, installation and maintenance are relatively more convenient, but will not


(Source: Rubber fenders make a more secure and stable ship docked)

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