Several Commonly Used Rubber Fenders Dock

First, the tapered ramp ZC

TD-AA cone rubber fender is a drum-type rubber fenders of the third generation, with a new design and pre-steel cone rubber body, making fender does not increase in the reaction force of circumstances, from the design of compression 52.5% to 70%, becoming one of the most outstanding of rubber fenders, it appears, make light of the wharf structure design and reduces the marina project cost, is super drum-type rubber fenders ideal substitute.

Cone has been the advent of rubber fenders from years of history, designed with tapered rubber fenders has become a new trend of quay design, representing a new standard dock fender design.

1, compared with the same specifications of super rubber fenders, energy absorption nearly doubled.

2, in the case of products reaction force energy absorption similar, the choice of the small size of TD-A


(Source: Several commonly used rubber fenders dock)

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