Super Arch Rubber Fender Which Features

Super Arch (DA type) Rubber Fender is one of the most widely used varieties fenders, with high energy absorption, flexible layout, appropriate scale installation and many other advantages. Energy absorption per unit product weight behind Super drum-type fender fender compression, and 3.5 times higher than the cylindrical fenders, 2.3 times higher than the D-fenders, save material.

Super Arch (DA type) Fender Fender due Face (rubber) and a ship near the plate (steel) coefficient of friction of up to 0.6, often use tear the root cause fender damage, has become a major shortage of the product, in order to reduce the friction coefficient, reducing the time the ship by ship (mooring in) on the fender of a shearing force, thus prolonging the life of the product. So there is a front set up anti-red steel frame (with PE) super arch fenders. However, this fender when the local force, can not be restored due to the anti-red steel after deformation, resulting in fender scrapped, so, this kind of structure of the product is not the majority of users know before they gradually disappeared (except combination type) . The following Equipment Co., Ltd. Yangzhou magical rubber for everyone to talk about Super Arch rubber fender features.


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